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Poo, Shut-up and Manners! Joke

One day Poo, Shut-up and Manners were driving in shut-ups pick-up truck. They were going 100 m/h over the speed limit, when a cop chases them. When the cop catches up to them, shut-up slams on the breaks. Poo goes flying out of the window. The cop walks over and says u were going way over the speed limit, he then says what's you;re name boy, shut-up says "Shut up". He then asks it again whats you're name boy, ... "shut up". The cop gets a little frustrated, then says now I'm going to ask you only one more time boy! Whats ur name? He said shut up! The cop says where's your manners boy? Shut-up says I'm not manners, manners is over there picking up Poo!

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