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Train Switcher Interview: Joke

Joe arrived early to the train switching yard where trains are routed and set on different tracks. Tom, the Train Switching Manager starts the interview and asks: What would you do if two trains are on the same track coming towards each other? Joe answers: Iíll go over and pull the switching lever and get one train on another track so they can pass safely. Ok, Tom says, What would you do if the switch handle is broken off? Joe: Well I would get the piece of steel over there by the shed and jamb it in the switch and use that as the lever. Ok good! Tom. What would you do if the switch lever is broken? Well, I would pick up the phone and call the main office and get them to switch it from there! Ok, very good! Tom: What would you do if no one answers the phone? Well, then I would call my cousin Vinny at the fire department and tell him to get down here right away. Tom: What good would that be? Well, heís never seen two trains collide.

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